A2; Self Assessment


I feel my samples are of my usual standard. I tend to work meticulously and as a result many of my samples appear quite resolved. For this Part of the course, I have tried to push myself to work in other ways, for example, working very quickly:

In these instances I tried to use the quality of my drawing to balance the ease with which the pieces were made.

I suspect I have always equated ‘skill’ as the length of time it takes to make something.  I would probably have judged the composition of the piece below to be more successful than those above because of the stages of planning I went through to get there. I am beginning to question the validity of this.


I really hope my sketchbooks and the inclusion of more drawing, demonstrate my capabilities better this time. I was disappointed with the work I submitted last time in the A4 binder. I have taken on board the advice I was given about separating out work for sketchbook from discussion on the blog. I have really tried to avoid diary like description.

Working conceptually was quite new to me. I have previous been much more concerned about visual appearance than the ideas behind my work. I will actually be interested to see if I communicated my thoughts well, particularly those about the memory of a wrap.


I took some risks with ideas, particularly as I became more aware of my own thoughts and interests. I think my drawings show experimentation and invention. I feel much stronger sense of ownership over this submission than the last. I feel I had several successful outcomes in my sampling but am forced to question whether this is because I played safe with my choice of materials. I found this difficult, at one point I even considered whether Mixed Media is really the right choice for me. I should have pushed my creativity further by being more bolder and experimental.


This was the area that really let me down for ATV. I think in my previous work research has been too broad and focussed on the past. I have tried this time to mainly to think about contemporary artists. I looked for themes that reoccur in different artists work. Most importantly I think I began to ask myself questions, instead of taking things at face value.

Cari, having read my ATV report and become more familiar with my work, I wonder if you have any pointers to please help me develop this area?