A3; The Selection Process Begins…

Beginning the Selection Process was a bit of a ‘False Stop’ (as opposed to a False Start!), just when I thought I was done I suddenly found myself with a host of new ideas! With a bit of time and space between me and some of my earlier samples, I began to see other possibilities.

A discussion with fellow course mate Inger, led to me considering the use of scratching and sanding as means of embellishment. This was something I hadn’t considered before- interpreting embellishment as the addition rather than subtraction of materials. This realisation led from these:

Becoming this:


Which led to this:

I know that I should be avoiding this sort of narrative: “I did this, then that” etc. However, this seemed really quite important: I would never have dreamed of treating a sample like this in the past. I would have been too precious and ‘afraid’ of spoiling it to try and alter it. All the playing in Part 3, has led me to be much bolder in this respect. Even though the samples are not resolved or refined, I can appreciate them for their part in my learning.

The negative space in this Balloon/Plaster/Brusho sample was interesting:

I explored the possibility of a Kintsugi style join on shards of plaster left over from the Bonnet sample. This was inspired by a technique I tried during Part2, using a glue gun and transfer foils:

This method proved unappealing but this was useful because it forced me to consider another alternative:

Learning from the Whiteread ‘paperweight’ situation (read here) led to an inclusion in Resin which isn’t perfect: it has multiple air bubbles and a dirty great finger print right on the top. I started to wonder how much these things matter- the learning is more important!

Finally, I just couldn’t shake the feeling there was more to the Crochet Spheres…

I combined the two ideas above and using lessons learned from previous sampling created this:


Drawing this sample in my sketchbook felt like a better conclusion to Part 3, than where I had previously decided to stop. It serves as a joyful reminder of what Mixed Media can do for me!



5 thoughts on “A3; The Selection Process Begins…”

  1. oooh, wow. Great that you continued – What a treat to see this. much more mature treatment of samples. (makes me want to call back my samples from the mail mann). I love the crochet bowl. It seems full of promises and new beginnings to me. And I envy (in a positive way) your drawings. They stand on their own. Reason to celebrate. I hope you realize how good this is!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Good Luck! I’m trying not to think too far ahead as only now working 4.1 but I think one solid 3d sample supported by some drawing and prints of various aspects?


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