3.2; Incorporating Wrapping and Tying

Aims: To explore the possibilities of distortion using wrapping and tying to alter the shape of the vessel; plaster filled balloons will be wrapped with yarn.

Why did I select this material/process/approach? The balloon always gives the material inside a similar egg shape, I wondered how binding and constricting areas could alter this regularity.

Sample properties: Look/Feel. Structure/texture/colour.  Irregular shapes were formed, they are smooth and bulbous. Fine linear creasing forms at the intersections providing a contrasting texture.

I was hoping that ridges would form where the yarn was wrapped but the plaster was rather too forgiving. This technique is more useful for dispersing volumes of plaster into other areas, which because they are contained by the elasticity of latex, form bubbles.

Did I discover anything new/unexpected? No not really, this set of samples feels rather safe and predictable…

How does this relate to my contextual research? The visual research in my sketchbook clearly relates to my samples. By spending time drawing the work that visually attracts me, I gave myself extra time to think about the forms I wanted to create. I wonder if this is why my samples feel predictable?

I enjoyed researching these bulbous forms. It was really interesting comparing Ferrand Scott’s sculptures- which I really like to those of Jeff Muhs- which leave me with a bad taste in my mouth (see sketchbook).

I didn’t enjoy the process of actually casting, wrapping and tying, which is strange because the practical elements are usually the most joyful moments. Whether I simply tired of balloon filling and was treading old ground, or whether I had already decided my outcome in advance, I don’t know- I simply feel there was no sparkle.

Determined to get something out of this set, I concentrated hard on the characteristics and qualities of the samples through drawing. This was enjoyable:

How could I use this sample/technique/material/research in the future? Drawing revealed what wasn’t at first apparent. It has given me ideas for development using fabrics.

What do I want/need to do next? I have discovered half a tube of Expanding Foam, in Mother-in-Law’s shed, I feel quite optimistic that an unfamiliar and less predictable material will provide the sparkle I am missing here.

In my research I observed that Ferrand Scott’s materials push outward and extend to the boundaries of their containment. Muhs’ constricts and contains his concrete. I want to push beyond the barriers.


2 thoughts on “3.2; Incorporating Wrapping and Tying”

  1. Great to see here what could have been my sample (you will see a sassy pink version over at my blog). It is as if we run beautifully in parallel. 🙂 Great to have a caster soulmate, Nicola. oh, and I love you thorough research and drawing, high standard there!

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    1. It’s wonderful that our thoughts and ideas have crossed paths again coming once more to similar conclusions. We do think alike AND if all else fails we can open a shop an sell ‘thingys’- yes, I checked out your pink one (blush) only joking, think I have had enough of phallic shapes and latex for now


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