3.1; Embellishment and Manipulation

Reaching the end of Project One, I realised I now had to develop my ideas by embellishment or manipulation, using what I have learned during MMT so far. At first this led to another crisis in confidence, I couldn’t see how I would be able to do this. I wondered if I naturally do this as I go along without realising it? For example my Latex yarn experiments:

I had already changed the sample taken from the texture of a meat tray by attaching it to lengths of ribbon yarn:


I had altered the appearance of my golf ball casting by stretching over an egg cup:


I had already considered a different technique for casting with latex by impregnating yarn and wrapping it around an object:


I decided to take stock of what I have created so far and leave this additional development stage for now. I began to consider what I needed to do to move forward into Project 2:

  • Write up my research into Contemporary Artists.
  • Try silicone- I noticed several times in my sketchbook I had noted that this material might be an alternative, capable of producing the desired effect. (These judgements were theoretical, made with no experience of the material).

As I put these steps into action, I found a bit of distance from the problem of developing the samples really helped. I made notes in my sketchbook and was really surprised by how I was able to link current moulding experiences with previous exercises. I now have several pages of ideas to develop, which really fortified me. I felt I had a much better understanding of how working with casting materials could relate to my own work. I feel I have applied the principle:

“Produce a high ratio of ideas to applications” ¹

Previously I would have felt overwhelmed by the generation of so many possibilities, believing that each one needed to be pursued to conclusion. I now feel quite invigorated by flexing this ‘creative muscle’.

¹MAU, Bruce: An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.


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