A2; Written Reflection

Although my posts for Part 2 have often expressed difficulty and frustration, I have really enjoyed it. It felt like a long and sprawling investigation of yarn and material that reminded me in some respects of Part 4 of ATV, which I found both the most challenging and rewarding.

Some of the samples I have made felt new and exciting while others more familiar and comforting. I really enjoyed working on the concept of memory during Ex 2.2 and hope this is something I can continue to think about in the future. I have loved the amount of sewing I have been able to incorporate into both Joining and Wrapping, but also the amount of drawing I have done.

Responding to my last feedback by greatly increasing the time I have spent drawing has made a large impact on the body of work I have produced. After Part One I felt rather lost, like the work didn’t belong to me, but this time I feel a greater sense of ownership.

Receiving my feedback for ATV part way through Part 2 influenced me greatly. I was advised to focus more on contemporary textile artists and to consider the context of my work.

This led to a great deal of soul searching on my part about who I am and what I want to do. These are both questions I have avoided in the past. As I described in a previous post, I have been using Jane Dunnewold’s book: Creative Strength Training to think about what drives me. I feel the work I have submitted, touches the surface of the thinking and learning I have done. Part 2 has felt rather transitionary, like things are shifting. I have a sense that my responses are a bit more grown up this time?

I also addressed my feedback by subscribing to Selvedge and Craft Council Magazines, I realised exactly what I had been missing as soon as I received the first issues. I don’t usually ‘do’ social media, beyond Pinterest, but I made myself an account, just to follow contemporary artists, galleries and stockists. This removes the distraction of becoming involved in the pets/children/dinners of everyone I’ve ever met! The Entangled Exhibition also had a huge impact on me, opening my eyes to working with conceptual ideas as well as focussing on making.

I have in the back of my mind been dreading Part 3, thinking that as someone who likes to work flat, that I am going to struggle. Reviewing my work for Part 2, I realised that actually, I have managed to produce some spatial samples. I have worked effectively with paper mache in the past and recall casting concreate for my A Levels years ago. I actually feel really positive about the next project, I think it is going to be exciting trying something that I am unfamiliar with.


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