Reflections on my Sketchbook

In my feedback for Part One, I was given advice on the use of my sketchbook. The problem was that I was using an A4 lever arch file instead of a more traditional sketchbook. As I blogged about my learning in Project One (Pt 2, Pj 1: Joining) I began to consider if I had managed to take this advice on board:

I am definitely more comfortable working in an A3 book, the additional space gives me more room to think about what I am doing. I have consciously tried to keep the written reflection to note form and included more drawing. I know that I have ‘used’  this sketchbook because some of the pages have started to fall out! I have always stuck lots of samples in and always use the same brand of book, but I have never had this problem before! I used electrical and washi tapes to secure the pages, using colours that compliment the work. I find that this looks quite pleasing and hope it doesn’t detract from the images.

Some pages look particularly cluttered. I think I always tend to work slightly larger than I have room for, I honestly don’t think it would matter how large my page was I would probably still fill it! I know when I did some large A2 drawings for ATV, I still managed to fill the entire page and come bursting out the edges! (Finally sticking 4 sheets together).

Is this a novice mistake? Do I lack the forethought to decide upon a scale that will fit, before I start? Or is it a rebellion? A refusal to be contained by a boundary? Does my drawing grow organically, spreading like one of Margolis’ sculptures?

I think the distance learning aspect also needs to be considered, I am always aware of postage. I try to cram as much in as possible, with a ‘more for my money’ type attitude.

I remember the first time I saw pictures of Roanna Wells sketchbook, I was awe struck her exquisite use of space around the drawings. Perhaps it has to do with confidence? On reflection, I think I would compare it to someone needing to talk to fill the gaps in a conversation. Do I lack confidence in what I say/draw so I have fill the silence? Maybe I need to have faith in my work, let space in and allow room for images to breathe.


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