2.5; More Sampling: Creating Flaps

SAMPLE 2.5.5

In exercise 2.4, I produced some samples using corrugated card, I really like this material because it offers structural properties and at its core it has an interesting pattern that can be revealed by cutting holes-or flaps.

I took my inspiration from Lisa Rodden’s Kaleidoscope series (here), this is one of my favourite of her designs, I find myself quite ‘drawn in’ to the complexities created by the crossing flaps.

This sample works well for me, I like the way the card flaps stand proudly and the ridges that form across their surface as they curl. The sample can be viewed from different advantages, each revealing something new. From the side the points cross over in rows and from the reverse a latticed grid appears.

SAMPLE 2.5.6

In my sketchbook, I found myself comparing Lisa Rodden to Maud Vantours.

When I looked back at the Vantours webpage again, I found myself drawn to ‘Triangles’ (scroll right down to bottom page of the link I have provided). These are flaps! As I played with paper, working out how this piece had been achieved, I thought about the title of this exercise: Creating Flaps. Not ‘cutting’ but ‘creating’. The texture of the Triangles reminded me of reptile skin or dragon scales. I recently re-watched Game of Thrones and I noticed similar overlapping shapes in the costumes (which are spectacular).- All these things contributed to me creating flaps with crochet.

I had seen Crocodile Stitch before but never tried it; I followed an excellent tutorial on Crochet Crowd and produced the next sample:


I felt really pleased that I had mastered the stitch and liked the graduated colour in the yarn. I found it amusing that the soft wool is creating an armoured effect yet the only protection it would offer is from the cold!

I finished the exercise after this sample but when I came to summarise what I had learned I noticed that I had only used photography to record this exercise. I later returned to it and used my new Gelli Plate to print the crochet scales.


This is a nice clear print of the crochet sample. I am pleased with the reptilian green, it shows off the ghostly image well. I love the texture and shiny lustre printing from Gelli Plate gives.

Another print, not quite as successful as the first (the green is a bit too ’emerald’) alongside second crochet sample. I made another from cotton because it is firmer than the previous one (acrylic mix yarn) making it better for printing. The green cotton now has highlights from the paint it was pressed into, these additional colours are a welcome byproduct of the process. They add depth and interest and also stiffen the fabric flaps a little. 

I’m really pleased I returned to the exercise to add these prints; I constantly feel tempted to go back to the exercises and do more (and more), I have to force myself to stop and keep moving forward! This was one occasion when it was really worth it…

On to the next exercise…..


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