Part One: Initial Thoughts

I loath starting new projects!

I’m good at having ideas and buying materials but actually getting myself involved in a new assignment fills me with anxiety. Once I begin to think of solutions for the exercises my mind fills with ideas too quickly for me to keep up; I then try to chase every idea I have, in fear that I will leave something out (a kind of ‘no stone left unturned’ approach!) No wonder I work so slowly! Inevitably, I end up producing piles of work, most of which is unusable because I have been so anxious. My controlling nature seems to overwhelm the samples which then appear rigid or contrived; I lose the spontaneity that I know I am capable of.

Studying ATV, taught me to recognise that this is part of my process, at present I don’t know how to control it, I just have to push through it. What better exercise could there have been for me to work through this initial stage fright than pleating?! (My first of the ten exercises I opted to work) The precision and accuracy that the technique suggests has, hopefully, helped me to move forward.

Incidently, organising my blog and working sketchbook also helped. For this assignment I decided to work in one A4 folder, keeping all the pages loose. Generally I work in a bound A3 book but I have begun to see the limitations of this method: I cannot view separate pages at the same time. Keeping the pages loose will allow me to take them out, view them side-by-side, rearrange them to my heart’s content AND still keep things organised!

My intention is to continue to work through the exercises and record my findings on paper. I will then add the edited version to my blog, this process is both repetitive and time consuming but I find it a useful way to consolidate my thinking. I also like to include photographs of work by other artists alongside my notes and I do not feel comfortable doing this on a public blog.


One thought on “Part One: Initial Thoughts”

  1. I am also currently trying a loose pages approach (for part two MMT)….tried one during ATV (at that time I felt it was tedious to keep them in correct order – but easy to add to as I tend to add bulky stuff. This time I have purchased a 3D folder to store them in (this calms the ‘organiser’ in me a bit). I am looking forward the hear your experience. we can compare ‘notes’.


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